Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ice skating fun...

                                 Hair - Little Bones Lovestruck GG free ( join fee )
                                 Dress - Siss Boom Lucky board gift free 
                                 Iceskates - Baby Monkey GG free, check group notice ( join fee )
                                 Legwarmers - Maitreya past gift
                                 Scarf - The Vamp Realm Advent gift Day3 free
                                 Hat - The Vamp Realm Advent gift Day2 free
                                 Handwarmers  - Adn MM board gift free
                                 Face frostbites - Chus gift free ( look under Christmas tree )



  1. Hi!
    I did not find ice skating in the notification group. Can accurately describe where to take them?!

  2. Yes I just checked...It`s not in notices any more :((( It was send a week or two ago to all group members and It contained Lady, Male, Kids skates and show emitter, but yeah It`s not there any more :(((

  3. I did not have time to take ... so sad ... very beautiful!