Tuesday, December 23, 2014


                                 Hair - Dura GG free
                                 Fur - Coco gift free
                                 Dress - Miamai gift free for KittyCats advent day21
                                 Shoes - De.Boutique GG free ( for Slink High feet )



  1. Hi! Where's shoes from Slinky? I found the dress as a group gift, and no shoes.

  2. right near the "Group gifts" sign....there is no photos of them so it`s hard to notice them, but click on empty signs after you join De.Boutique group and you should get them...even when you point it with a mouse you`ll see that at first look empty frames actually contain gifts....So to repeat what i meant to say, near the "Group gifts" sign are frames, click on them....or at least that`s how it was few days ago when i was there..ill check it again today to be sure that they are still on a same location...hope you`ll find it...
    PS: I can show you inworld,, so you are welcome to Im me when Im online :)

  3. Ok I just checked and shoes are still there...

  4. Wow!!! Oh! THANK YOU! I found!!! It will be our secret! ;)