Friday, February 28, 2014


                               Hair - Tram GG free
                               Dress - Celoe GG free
                               Necklace - Pure Poison GG free
                               Bag - FLG gift free
                               Bangles - past gift, not available
                               Shoes - Essenz

Walking by...

                               Hair - Little Bones GG free ( check group notice )
                               Dress - Overhight GG free
                               Necklace - Pure Poison GG free
                               Bag - Overhigh free
                               Shoes - old gift, not available

Fairy bag...

                               Hair - Iren
                               Top - Azul part of outfit GG free
                               Skirt - Plastik subscribe gift free
                               Ballerina shoes - TBO old gift
                               Bag - FLG gift free
                               Necklace - Pure Poison GG free

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gold and Blue...

                               Hair - Little Bones GG free ( check notice )
                               Dress - LC Designs TFFH Hunt gift free
                               Shoes - FLG   Glitzz gift for FLG 10000 members free
                               Necklace - Pure Poison GG free
                               Clutch and bangle - Hudsons GG free
                               Bangle( right hand ) - Coullies gift for FLG free

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dead end...

                               Hair - Magika
                               Outfit with glasses - No Cabide GG free ( free to join )
                               Shoes - Essenz
                               Necklace and bangle - Pure Poison GG free ( free to join )

Dangerously vintage...

                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Outfit - Toxic High Wourld Tour Hunt gift free

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Classy with Java...

                              Hair - Dela
                              Dress - Java gift free
                              Shoes - Essenz
                              Bag - Izumyia gift free
                              Glasses and bangles old gift not available

Gifts time...

                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Dress - Java gift free ( one among many )
                               Shoes - The Shops gift free
                               Bangles - Giuliadesign ( part of outfit ) free

The Plastik...

                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Vest with shirt - Emporium GG free
                               Pants and shoes - Plastik Subscribe gift free

Monday, February 24, 2014


                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Shirt - Madness VAOD hunt gift free
                               Pants - WLF Mow gift free
                               Socks - JOJ3 hunt Cheeky free
                               Bangles - Giuliadesign GG free
                               Glasses - No Cabide GG free (check notice)


                               Hair - Sugarsmack
                               Dress - Liv Glam GG free (but group join fee)
                               Shoes - Anxiety gift free

Liking Wasabi...

                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Shirt - PM Cherries on top hunt free
                               Pants - Liv Glam past gift
                               Shoes - Hollyhood
                               Bag - LavandaChic GG free

Duck or Swan...

                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Shirt - NS comes with hud GG free
                               Pants - LavandaChic past gift
                               Shoes - Lavarock past gift
                               Hands puppets - Duck or Swan GG free

Sunday, February 23, 2014


                               Hair - Lelutka
                               Dress - Enfant Terrible gift free
                               Necklace - MC GG free
                               Bracelets - Coepio subscribe gift free

Wanna cup of coffee...

                               Hair - Grotti
                               Dress and bangles - Giuliadesign GG free
                               Shoes - Essenz

Cleaning time...

                              Hair - Diva Brie fatpack, dollarbie
                              Outfit - Creatures free
                              Duster - PB part of outfit (duster contain 4 animations) free
                              Undershirt - Suki gift dollarbie

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Plain white...

                               Hair - Magika
                               Outfit - OhLaLa MM gift free
                               Bangles - MG gift free
                               Shoes - GA

Show me a way...

                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Glasses - Six Bois gift free
                               Shirt and Jacket - Lollipop Till death do us part hunt item
                               Pants - Plastik past gift
                               Shoes - Latreia
                               Bracelets - Maxis Glossamer GG free
                               Scooter - Sasun gift free

Weekend downtown...

                               Hair - Wasabi pills 
                               Blouse - Miamai GG free
                               Pants - Ricielli Halloween hunt item (still available ) 
                               Shoes - Heels by Saki great sale, L$10 per color
                               Bag - Bella`s lullaby gift free

Traveling with Teddy...

                               Hair - Vanity hair
                               Hair flower - Topaz square gift free
                               Dress - Kamiri GG free
                               Shoes - Essenz
                               Pink bear - Topaz gift free

Friday, February 21, 2014

Royal blue...

                               Hair - Elikatira not available any more
                               Outfit - Kamiri GG free ( mesh shirt and skirt in all sizes )
                               Shoes - Essenz not free

Cold Logic...

                               Hair - Elikatira ( not available )
                               Dress - Cold Logic gift free
                               Shoes - Essenz
                               Necklace - Leonard

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Catching dreams...

                               Hair - Iren
                               Outfit and bracelets - Luas lucky letter gift free
                               Makeup - White Widow GG free
                               Dream Catcher - Flawless SMF Kats desire hunt gift free

Play or not...

                               Hair - Magika
                               Hood vest - EhR GG free
                               Undershirt - Vivi subscribe gift free
                               Bracelets - BD GG free
                               Pants - Aphorism   past gift
                               Boots - Bee Make  GG free

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On my breath...

                               Hair - Magika 
                               Pants and top - Merivale GG free
                               Shoes - The style icon fair Hollyhood gift free
                               Rings - the Flawless SMF hunt Poinsetia free
                               Scarf - Even Flow gift L$1

Windy coast...

                              Hair - Liquence
                              Dress - Aeva Heartsick GG free ( check notice, 
                                there are few different dresses, every one in several colors )
                              Shoes - The Shops free
                              Umbrella -  Nekka free                                


                                Hair - Iren
                                Dress - EhR sale item L$10
                                Shoes - The Style icon fair Essenz gift free

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


                              Hair - Liquence
                              Earplugs - past gift
                              Shirt - Orisini Red last month gift free (now there`s a new one)
                              Undershirt - Vivi subscribe gift free
                              Shorts - RD subscribe gift free
                              Tights - Vershe past gift free (but other new one there now)
                              Boots - Lavarock Creations past gift free
                              Bracelets - BD gift free

It`s a yellow...

                               Hair - Burley
                               Dress - EhR GG free (check notice)
                               Shoes - The Shops gift free
                               Purse - Alba gift free
                               Bracelet - Flawless SMF hunt GDit gift free
                               Necklace - old gift

Monday, February 17, 2014

Shadows of purple...

                              Hair - Analog Dog gift free (ball on a beach)
                              Shirt - The Flawless  Snow much fun hunt Blah.Blah gift free
                              Pants - BiJou! lucky letter gift free
                              Shoes - The Style icon fair  Hollyhood gift free
                              Rings - The Flawless SMF hunt Poinsetia gift free
                              Necklace - SMF hunt Always Eclectic gift free

Spring is near...

                           Hair - Tameless GG free
                           Glasses - Luas GG free
                           Dress, handbag and bracelets - PM Cherries on top hunt free
                           Shoes - The Shops for mesh feet, comes in several color free
                           Mesh feet and hands  The shops 
                                      feet comes in bare medium and high free

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dinner out...

                               Hair - Pink Hustler old gift
                               Dress - LivGlam GG free (join fee)
                               Shoes - Hucci old subscribe gift free
                               Bracelets - Coepio subscribe free
                               Clutch - Wallipy comes in 3 colors free

Ease the colors...

                               Hair- Pr!tty old gift
                               Dress - LivGlam GG free (but group join fee)
                               Bracelets - Coepio subscribe gift free
                               Shoes - Belgravia for medium Slink feet


                                Hair - Elikatira old (not available)
                                Outfit - Misterio Werewolf Valentine hunt free
                                Flops - GA 
                                Rings - Moon Amore gift free
                                Necklace - Modern.Couture gift free

Feels like Summer...

                                Hair - Analog Dog
                                Shoes - With Love Fair Essenz gift free
                                Outfit with purse -  Purple Moon Cherries on top hunt 
                                                                ends February 28th free

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heels on wood...

                                Hair - Analog Dog  gift ( heart on a beach) free
                                Dress - Violet Mafia Blah.Blah gift free
                                Necklace - LNS subscribe gift free
                                Shoes - Heels by Saki great sale L$10 per a color(feet included)

Lets go...

                                Hair - Analog Dog  gift (harts on a beach) free
                                Outfit - LaGeeny camp chair (30min) free
                                Shoes - Essenz old gift
                                Bag - Social Vintage group notice free

Wanna learn something ...

                               Hair - Little bones   GG free
                               Shirt - Social Vintage GG free (check group notice)
                               Shorts - 2PM past gift
                               Shoes - Gang Cold past gift

Friday, February 14, 2014


                                Hair - Magika four more days on sale, so hurry!!:)
                                Skirt - Liv Glam  GG free ( but join fee)
                                Shirt - Eaters Coma 
                                Shoes - :: MC::  just L$ 10 per color
                                Bracelets - BD gift free

Thursday, February 13, 2014

These days...

                               Hair - Little Bones New gift (check notice) free
                               Outfit - Motion & Emotion  Jumper and shirt in two colors free
                               Shoes - Cashmere Keane subscribe gift free
                               Bracelets - BD free


                                Hair - Magika on sale (ends 18th of this month)
                                Outfit - The creatures Midnight Mania free
                                Shoes - With Love Fair Essenz gacha item (L$ 75)
                                Purse - Mustache bag free 
                                Bracelets - old gift not available

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is it for me...

                                Hair - Magika on sale
                                Dress - Kanou gift free
                                Shoes - With Love Fair Essenz gift free 
                                Valentine card - MC Fashion event  Sup poses free

Piece of Vintage...

                                Hair - Magika
                                Dress - Lika Ruby  GG free
                                Shoes - Skifija comes with feet, and a hud for shoes 
                                             with unlimited number of colors

Coloring with Magika...

                        Hair - Magika  L&50 Sale on Color Pack 03 of the five updated styles.
                                              The sale ends the 18th of this month.
                        Jacket - RD Style Subscribe gift (comes with shorts) free
                        Leggins RD Style lucky letter gift free
                        Shoes - Hollyhood GG free
                        Necklace - Modern Couture free

Welcome to my world...

                               Hair - Catwa   
                               Dress - Liv Glam Thanksgiving hunt item
                               Feet tattoo - Suicide Gurls Slink butterfly feet tattoo
                               Arms tattoo - White Widow gift free