Monday, March 31, 2014

Strange bird...

                               Hair - Exxess
                               Shoes and necklace - Brii part of outfit GG free
                               Dress - Vip`s creation gift for SL frees & offers group free
                                          ( join SL frees & offers group and check group notice )

Trying to survive...

                               Hair - Tris April GG free (brown pack with head band color change hud)
                               Jacket - Lavarock Creations GG free
                               Shirt - Vivi past gift ( not sure if it`s still available )
                               Necklace - Miss LT GG free
                               Pants - Club 108 Cynful skinny jeans free

Sunday, March 30, 2014

You're mine tonight...

                               Hair - Little Bones new GG free ( check notice )
                               Dress - Umbrella hunt Sky gift free
                               Socks - Buttery toast GG free ( for slink feet )
                               Necklace - Kiyomizu hunt Kon@a gift free
                               Hair band - Umbrella hunt Morea Styles gift free

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I've got this feeling...

                               Hair - Exxess
                               Dress - Spring market fair Umbrella hunt, Divalicious gift free
                               Boots - HighRize GG free ( three colors in pack )
                               Socks - Iaf GG free

All about...

                               Hair - Exxess
                               Dress - The spring market fair Umbrella hunt gift free
                               Shoes - Brii gift free
                               Hat - TSCH The broken glass boutique gift free

Forever mine...

                               Hair - Truth
                               Dress, bolero and bracelet - Spring market fair Umbrella hunt gift free
                               Shoes - Patulas GG free

Friday, March 28, 2014

Beauty in nature...

                               Hair - LCKY
                               Dress - U one L$1 ( there are many items at same price )

At last...

                               Hair - Truth
                               Shirt - Maitreya
                               Pants - Spirit Store
                               Shoes - Sey Shepherd  subscribe gift free
                               Glasses - Poetic Colors gift free ( color changeable )
                               Bracelet - Aso GG free

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Secret disguise...

                               Hair - Catwa
                               Dress - Cristal`s gift free
                               Shoes - Heels by Saki sale gift L$10
                               Bracelet - Pure Poison GG free
                               Glasses - No Cabide GG free

Take you by surprise...

                               Hair - Exxess
                               Dress - Moolala gift L$5
                               Shoes - LVLE subscribe gift free
                               Butterflies - Challis Products butterfly avatar, not free

In my sights...

                               Hair - Exxess
                               Jacket - Ricielli Halloween hunt gift ( still available )
                               Pants - RD Style gift for Voodoo  hunt L$1
                               Necklace - Pure Poison GG free
                               Bag - Liv Glam GG free ( you get gift in those ) but join fee
                               Ring - MG

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Need you to see...

                               Hair - Exxess
                               Blouse - Miss LT letter board gift free
                               Pants - Berries Inc. old gift, not available
                               Shoes - Shade`s gift free
                               Socks - Y&R old gift
                               Necklace - Pure Poison GG free
                               Pencil and book - Magic Nook gift free

What days may come...

                               Hair and boots - Moda gift for Skin Fair free
                               Jacket - Lavarock Creations GG free
                               Dress - Liv Glam GG free ( join fee )
                               Necklace - Malt gift free

La vie en rose...

                               Hair - Exxess
                               Pants and shirt - Mirus gift for Strawberry Kube Hunt L$5
                               Shoes - Lindy gift for EGIAF hunt free
                               Basket  - Cold Logic free ( you get subscribe gift in those )
                               Necklace - Brii     gift free
                               Hair accessory - Cazimi  L$1 ( its actually an earring )

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Living Fantasy...

                               Hair - EMO-tions
                               Complete butterfly outfit with wings - Feyline EGIF hunt gift free
                               Face mask - Panik GG free

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hold me...

                               Hair - Lelutka
                               Dress - Lo*momo GG free
                               Flower - Dyer maker gift free

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fan fly...

                               Hair - Vanity
                               Dress - Sky lucky board free
                               Flats - GA
                               Fans - Tukiyobana gift free

Rusty bike...

                               Hair - Pelle
                               Shirt - Prism GG free
                               Shorts and flats - RD Style Inovare Magazin gift free
                               Necklace - Kona Kiyomizu hunt gift free
                               Bracelet - posted before
                               Bike - Xiaj GG free ( check notice )

Saturday, March 22, 2014


                               Hair - Cavalieri GG free
                               Dress - Sky 500 members GG free
                               Shoes - Baby Monkey GG free ( group join fee )
                               Hat - B&W  L$1 gift

Spring dance...

                               Hair - EMO-tions GG free
                               Dress - Hapi Rabi gift for Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunt free
                               Shoes - Duh gift free
                               Hair flower - Cazimi hibiscus L$1
                               Bracelet - Aso GG free
                               Dancing rods - Axix past gift

Friday, March 21, 2014

Grid standard...

                               Hair - .: vive nine :. old gift
                               Jacket - HighRize GG free
                               Skirt - Zeitergeist lucky board free
                               Shoes - Heels by Saki sale item L$10
                               Bag - LavandaChic GG free

Spring roses...

                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Dress - TBGB  gift for TSCH hunt free
                               Shoes - SMC gift for Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunt free
                                   Bag - Izumiya gift free

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time secretly running out...

                               Hair - Alice Project
                               Shirt - Poison GG free
                               Pants - RD Style gift for Voodoo hunt L$1
                               Shoes - Brii
                               Necklace - Miss LT GG free ( check notice )
                               Box - Balaclava free ( you get subscribe gifts in those )

Story of an angel...

                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Dress - Sky gift for TSCH hunt free
                               Wings - MG  gift free
                               Shoes - KoiKoi subscribe gift free
                               Hair accessory - HighRize GG free


Fairytale stroll...

                               Hair - Mag St.Patrick`s gift free ( no group needed )
                               Dress - Kharenee`s for TSCH    hunt free
                               Shoes - Ingenue
                               Bag - Mesh with me gift free ( color changeable )
                               Hair bow - past gift

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Romance with Voodoo...

                               Hair - Truth
                               Dress - Fashionnatic gift for Voodoo hunt L$1
                               Shoes - Essenz
                               Bag - Swanky L$1 on marketplace

Shopping with Mag...

                               Hair - Mag GG free ( fee to join ) 
                                         but there is also a gift for all, no group needed :)
                               Dress - Java gift free 
                               Shoes - Hoolyhood
                               Bag - Spring Wishes Marker gift free ( color changeable )

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dream away...

                               Hair - Pelle
                               Shirt - Emery
                               Skirt - Munereia GG free
                               Shoes - Hollyhood
                               Necklace - Miss LT GG free ( check notice )
                               Funassyi plushie - ER GG free


                               Hair  - Ploom
                               Butterfly outfit - Spring Wishes Market gift free

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hunting Dragons...

                               Hair - Pelle
                               Shirt - FLG old
                               Skirt - Styled by Panda FLOBH gift free
                               Collar - Envious
                               Gloves - LDP for Slink hands, subscribe gift free
                               Whip - Twisted  gift free

Baby Monkey...

                               Hair - Pelle
                               Dress and shoes - Baby Monkey MM board gift free

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sweet lil` thing...

                               Hair - Chemistry
                               Dress - Leezu! Lucky clover hunt L$5
                                                      Find the 4 leafs clovers and win prize
                                   Shoes - Miss LT GG free 
                                   Bag - S@bbia GG free ( hud change color )

Retro girl...

                               Hair - Pelle
                               Dress - Baby Monkey gift free ( join fee )
                               Shoes - Baby Monkey special gift for St.Patrick's day free
                               Bracelet - Aso GG free

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tough choice...

                               Hair - Chemistry
                               Top and headband - Etinceler hunt gift free
                               Skirt - Beau opening hunt gift free
                               Bangles - Aso GG free
                               Shoes - SHC lucky board free

Fly away...

                               Hair - Burley
                               Shirt - Etinceler daily MM prize free
                               Shorts and headband - Etinceler hunt gift free
                               Shoes - Rebeca Creation GG free
                               Balloons - !zoom L$1 on marketplace 

Darkest hour...

                               Hair - Chemistry
                               Vest and shirt - Beau opening hunt free
                               Leggins - Paperbag past gift 
                               Bangle - Aso GG free
                               Shoes - Essenz for Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Friday, March 14, 2014

Stars over my head...

                               Hair - Pelle
                               Outfit including shirt, pants, shoes, headband  
                                      Beau grand opening hunt gifts free

My own JingJing pet...

                               Hair - Pelle
                               Shirt - Secret Store old gift
                               Pants - Wertina GG free
                               Shoes - Hoolyhood GG free
                               Pet - JingJing hunt gift free

Thursday, March 13, 2014


                               Hair - Catwa
                               Dress - Sassy for Womenstuff hunt free
                               Shoes - Ingenue
                               Necklace Lassitude & Ennui gift free
                               Bracelets - Aso GG free

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just an ordinary day...

                               Hair - Catwa
                               Shirt - COCO past gift 
                               Skirt - Lusty Crystal gift free
                               Boots - Aphorism GG free
                               Bo Bo knees - Sugar Garden past gift
                               Necklace - Pure Poison GG free
                               Bracelet - posted before, free
                               Bag - old from inventory

Whiteness in lace...

                               Hair - Chemistry
                               Dress - Graffitiwear gift free ( no group needed )
                               Shoes and socks - SMC gift free
                               Necklace - Zyn wishbone necklace gift free
                               Bracelet - Aso gift free
                               Ripped tights - old gift

Butterfly pants...

                               Hair - LCKY FBH hunt gift L$2
                               Jacket - Cristal`s GG free
                               Pants - CASTIEL GG free
                               Shoes - SMC subscribe gift free
                               Undershirt - old gift

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Waiting for a bus...

                               Hair - Little Bones past group gift
                               Dress - Lovely Rita march group gift L$1
                               Shoes - Roly Poly gift free
                               Bag - NS free
                               Hair band - B!asta past gift


                               Hair - Wasabi Pills
                               Shirt - Prism part of new GG outfit free
                               Shorts and shoes - Hop gift outfit free
                               Necklace and earrings - Cazimi L$1 on marketplace